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Hi Cos! After a fairly long time, my boots arrived on Wednesday. I also had my doubts about whether I put my money well. But now I can say that my money is very well. The boots are perfect, beautiful and fit like a glove. They are exactly as I imagined and you are a master of your field, yes... an artist !!! It is an incredible feeling to have the boots on. This fit ... unbelievable !!! I have already spent so much money for high heels and must now realize that in comparison to your boots was thrown to the window. None of these partially very expensive shoes comes close to what I got from you! Thank you very much for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now I have a new problem .... you have made me addicted to more ;-) I'm just considering which pair I would like to place in order, I waver between Acantha, Aleah, Antoinette or the custom boots from which I have already sent you pictures in the winter. I am also undecided in which color or color combination. I will take a few more days, enjoy my phenomenal Ringmaster Boots and will contact you again soon. Thank you and see you soon! Best Regards Stephen!


Hello Cos! The last Bettie heels caused quite a sensation, hopefully you got some of the samples from the photo-shoot that I sent you. If not, I can send you more. Once I secure a model for my next shoot, I will be able to give you a shoe size for her. Thank you gain for the high quality craftsmanship of the shoes. Robert Bilbao California, USA

--Robert Bilbao--

Dear Cos, I have just received the boots and I had to tell you how wonderful they are!!! Two amazing pairs of boots!!! Thank you so much! I now have 5 pairs of your boots in my collection and I want more. :) Looking forward to doing a lot more business with you! Best regards, João, Portugal


Cos: They just arrived today!!! They are just beautifully crafted and the materials are beyond my hopes. They will be treasured as they deserve. I have had a really crazy time in life since ordering. Moves, deaths of loved ones, health issues. So it really is an uplifting treat to have these gorgeous boots arrive. Let me know if/when your schedule eases up a bit...I would love to further order a pair or two of heels. Not sure if any are easier on your logistics to produce than others. I love the classic vintage reminiscent styles. Now I'm back in Chicago there are so many fantastic places to showcase such lovely pieces! Again thank you, Nathalie, USA


Hi Cos, I hope you and yours are doing well. I just want to say a big THANK YOU! Just got my boot today and they are divine! Everything I imagined and more. Thank you!! I'm so happy with how they turned out, they were definitely worth the wait! Once I get the hang of walking in these elegantly I will definitely be looking at ordering some thigh boots. I'm quite taken by the Ringmaster foot shape, would it be possible combing that with the Alexis shape and length and have it made in leather rather than latex? Big thank you again. Regards, Pia, Australia


Hello Dear Cos! What i wanna say is: Many, many shoes in the world ... but no one makes and creates a shoe like you and yours! No one!!! Me and Stella are hoping that we can order by you in the future. Me and especially my wife Stella are interessted in the shoetypes: Aurora , Melissandre, Liyana and Olenna. The best wishes to you and your family and factory! Norbert & Stella From Nuremberg/Germany

--Norbert & Stella--

Hello Cos, Ringmaster boots with Bettie heel are here, and they are EXQUISITE WORKS OF ART ! The fit is perfect . I look forward to your new website, I hope you sell a lot more Ringmasters with the thicker heel. Thanks, Brett NY, USA


Hello Cos, the heels have finally arrived. Thank you so much! The quality is outstanding and everything is as we wanted. We love them! When can we start the next pair of custom boots that we already sent some photos and ideas to you? Did you have some ideas, how to make them? They should have a round toe and a platform with a very high heel. If you have any other idea that may suit more to the style with all its buckles and belts please tell us! We can also imagine taking the bottom part of your “Catelyn” or “Arden” boots. We are looking forward to your ideas and can’t wait to get more pairs made by you! Best Christian & Steffi Meckenheim, Germany

--Christian & Steffi--

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