Custom and Bespoke

Custom and Bespoke

Creating your own design

We can create a design of your choice on any of our existing lasts (the plastic or wooden forms which we make the shoes on). You can either send us your own  pictures or designs and we will make it to your exact specifications or you can have a consultation with our designer and work together to create the finished design. This can be done in person or via email.

Customising our designs

You can choose to customise any of our designs to suit your own preferences, for example by adapting or adding details such as straps/studs or by requesting a different platform and heel height combination. Just email us and we will be happy to help!

Made to Measure

What is made to measure?

Using this service, you can work with us to create any shoe you could possibly think of! We take your measurements and make your lasts to fit your feet perfectly, resulting in a pair of shoes unmatched in comfort and durability.

You can choose any heel height and toe shape, and then any style – whether it be traditional or of your own design. Once we have made you a personalised pair of lasts, you can use it again and again.

Our made to measure and bespoke footwear is a lasting investment and gives you the opportunity to spend time with our craftsman and designer to develop your ideal shoes or boots.

How long does the process take?

The time it takes depends on your requirements, but it usually involves a few appointments to get everything perfect. The process is as follows:

On your first appointment we will take your measurements and discuss your specific design and material ideas. We will then develop a last according to your specifications and prepare a prototype for your next visit.

At the second appointment we will fit the prototype and discuss any necessary design and fit adjustments. If no changes are needed, we will proceed with the final pair.

If changes do need to be made we will continue to make adjustments, depending on your requirements, until we are ready to start on the final shoes. We will then arrange a final fitting where you can take home your personalised creation. Your last will remain in our factory for future use.

If you can’t get to our showroom

Our workshop and showroom is in North London, this is where the appointments usually take place. On some occasions we can arrange appointments at your location for a nominal fee.

If you are unable to visit our showroom, all the necessary measurement charts can be downloaded from our website or emailed to you; simply fill them in and send them back to us and we can start work on your last.

For the fitting process we will send you the prototypes through the mail; we will need you to try them on, take pictures and make notes of any alterations that may be needed. Once all the necessary adjustments have been made and you are happy with the fit and style, we will send the final pair to you. We pride ourselves on great communication and attention to detail, therefore this way of working has proved to be very successful.


The price for a made to measure last is £380. There may be other options available which are partially made to measure, please contact us for details.

The prices for the shoes vary according to the style. Prices for ladies’ styles start at £220 and men’s at £350.

Contact Us

For any further information, pricings or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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